The Soderholms did not just build what was on the plans, they took the time to understand the plans and our goals. When issues arose as the plans were transformed into reality, they were brought to our attention and quickly resolved. The Soderholms became a partner with us in our project.

The greatest quality of the Soderholms is their integrity. We always felt they were spending our money as if it was their own. Another quality is their pride in their work. They are local builders with local subs. They stand by their work. We are always glad to see them drive by.

The project quality and associated costs are based on the material specifications in the plans. The Soderholms were always forthcoming to give us the opportunity to upgrade material specifications for a higher quality result. And by getting to know us, they were able to anticipate our future needs during the current construction process.

They stayed focused on our job until it was done. In fact, we had a couple of extra ideas after the project started and the Soderholms completed these extra “you might as well while you are here” projects very willingly and promptly.

The Soderholms are part of our family, part of our neighborhood and part of our community. I would hire them again, anytime. And the best part is that when you call, they always stop by.

Our neighbors noted that the construction site was always clean and orderly. There was no loud music or site trash. The trucks didn’t block traffic on the street.

- Homeowner