When an existing client called us to ask if we would consider building their new vacation home on Lake Winnepesaukee we reluctantly had to decline given the distance and our current schedule.

We did, however, agree to represent our clients as “owners’ reps”. We helped the owners to interview numerous architects and to choose the one they felt most comfortable with and we also helped to prequalify, interview, and choose the local builder to do the construction.

Sam then represented the owners both in overseeing construction on regular trips to the site, but also aided the builder by working with our very busy clients (5 kids, school, coaching, etc.) in making all of the choices needed for such a project locally and then funneling the info to the builder in a timely manner to allow construction to proceed uninterrupted.

Everyone involved agreed that the project ran much more smoothly than it possibly could have without Soderholm Builders’ involvement and support.

- Ken Soderholm