Hi guys,

I visited the site today and have to say the project is progressing at an incredible rate and with remarkable skill and craftsmanship.

During the typical construction process of a new home, I am often blinded by the little things that need attention and often don't take the time to step back and appreciate the big things. Today I was reminded by a colleague from grad school who was with me this morning. He was absolutely blown away by the quality of construction, the level of attention paid and the schedule that Ken and Sam have been able to maintain. I stood back and said Oh yeah...this is amazing.

Your project (due to Ken and Sam) is way ahead of my other project on the Cape, even though it was started later and is much larger and more complicated. The precision and finesse that is evident in the construction is very quiet but it really shouts quality!

These guys make the incredibly complex things like the installation of those crazy lift and slide pocket doors, the interior details of the barn, and the coordination of multiple subcontractors on site, look so easy....yet we all know that it is far from easy.

So if you can bear it...stay away for just a little longer and the effect will be amazing!

- D. Michael Collins, Architect