Over the years we have developed a proven approach and process that ensures every project
will surpass clients’ expectations.


We happily meet to understand your vision and form a valuable partnership.

This first phase is extremely beneficial, as many clients who are considering building or remodeling wish to make sure they can achieve their goals prior to the purchase of land, existing structures or pursuing architectural plans. For a number of clients we have consulted and have taken active roles in land selection and subsequent purchase.This initial meet up also allows for a preliminary discussion of schedule and budget, letting us plan ahead early and thoroughly.

Planning and Permitting

Together, we share in the planning to make your goals and dreams possible.

We bring years of experience to the planning and permitting process and believe that preparing early and diligently is the best way to meet clients’ wishes, budgets, and timelines. Ken Soderholm’s perspective is invaluable, as he has served for many years on his local conservation commission and planning board as well as many other municipal committees.

Working together while plans are being developed allows us to assemble a strong core project team and discuss any potential hurdles in the upcoming phases. It also lets us compare design options and suggest creative alternatives that could potentially save time and money once construction begins.

The Build Out

Our hands-on approach delivers an unsurpassed level of personal attention and detail.

Clients appreciate having direct contact with us, and we also find this type of communication beneficial. We always strive to run projects like a well-rehearsed orchestra where we serve as the conductor guiding every detail—plans, changes, budgets, schedules, and coordination of all subs and suppliers to keep things running smoothly. When we share the common goal of working in the timeliest manner, clients receive an unmatched level of quality, workmanship, and service.

Completion and Turn Over

We exceed your expectations by ensuring a smooth transition back into your home.

Upon completion of every project, it is our pleasure to help clients ease back into their homes and routines. A professional cleaning is done, and clients are given all relevant home manuals and instructions. Clients also receive detailed, personal training for all new systems—helping to familiarize them with new features and controls. We happily provide full photo documentation of projects and are always available for refreshers and reminders as needed.


We stand behind our work, keeping you and your home happy for years to come.

Part of home ownership is preservation and periodic upkeep, and clients can attest that our support continues well beyond the build.

We offer 24/7 customized service and maintenance programs
tailored to clients’ individual needs, always taking budgets into
special consideration. By extending our loyalty, we are able to maintain meaningful relationships with our clients and the homes they treasure.